Online E-Learning Pros And Cons


With the advonline-learning2ancement of technology, online E-learning has become very common around the world. It is simple to use and convenient as it allow students to study anywhere and anytime around the world by just logging in to the website. Students will only need to attend few classes with the lecturer to clarify any doubts they have in their work. After which, most of the time E-learning will be carried out.

Most of the private schools in Singapore are using online E-learning now, such as:

Nowadays Government schools are using E-learning for certain subjects too.

Government School such as:

There are many other courses that are available online for self-upgrading such as learning another language or acquiring skills.

The Advantages of Online E-Learning

  • Flexibility – It allows you to study whenever you have access to an electronic device and internet connection. Online E learning allows time and money used for traveling to school to be saved.
  • Own Pace – Slow pace learners need not worry about unable to catch up the topic or subject as online allow them to view the lesson repetitively.
  • Online Discussion – You are able to do online discussion at any hours through the discussion board with your lecturer and also classmates.
  • More Responsible – It helps students to be more responsible toward their works, and also more independent.


The Disadvantages of Online E-Learning

  • Falling Behind – Student without self-discipline are often fall behind as the lecturer will not always be there to motivated or supervise you to do your work.
  • Find difficulty In Practical Work – Student might find difficulty when come to practical work as it is difficult to just listen to the online lecture but without doing it.
  • Lesser Interaction – causes students to be confused when they have doubts.
  • Slow Device And Connection – it will cause the learner to be frustrated.
  • Lack Of Computer And Internet Skill – students might face problem during the course of study as learning will be held online

Feedback 1

TPStudent from Temasek Polytechnic

“The E-learning module is good as it is flexible. However it will be better if there is more lecture lesson to allow us to clarify doubt. And also improve the system, as sometime cant log in due to some server error. “

Tiang Yao Tian


The less interaction with lecturer make this student hard to clarify his doubt and got confuse easily throughout the course. Slow or poor connections make the student to get frustrated.

Feedback 2

elc_logoStudent from e-learning center

“Scott, you guys are great! I am already impressed with your prompt and personal customer service.

I am going to sign up for your Web Development series. Having been laid off from BMC Software several weeks ago as Community Relations Manager, I have decided to return to my former career as a developer but my skills have gone down the tubes. I stumbled upon your website and it is perfect for what I am looking for. Cost wise it’s reasonable due to my situation and time wise I can log in and out whenever I want which comes in handy when you are trying to set interviews up …

Again thank you and I truly appreciate your response! 🙂 ”

Raegan Hill
Houston, Texas


The Flexibility of E-learning allow this student to log in whenever he wants to study. And save his traveling time and cost.

What I Think

In my opinion, online E-learning do more gain to students as it helps students to become a more independent learner and also more responsible person in life. Most importantly, it helps to save money and also our precious times especially in this fast paced society we are living in. With online learning, we have better time management and able to balance between work, family and studies. Education is important, so are family and work. Managing your time well allow you to get educated without neglecting your family and work. I will recommend those who does not have any computer skill to take up some computer course before taking any e-learning course. Without practical or hand-on lab work might be a problem to me as I am poor in theory. Doing hand-on lab work will allow me to understand the courses better. What I personally feel is that, during the class we should conduct more lab work to allow student to understand more.

There are always two sides to a coin, so is online E learning has its pros and cons in life. Depend on how you manage it. I believe that with good management, you will be able to achieve the goal in life.


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